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News: College Park National Historic District is looking for support in naming the district to the Tacoma Register of Historic Places  – Application for inclusion of our district on list of historic places has been submitted to the City of Tacoma. (May 2021)

The next meeting of the Tacoma Landmarks Preservation Commission is scheduled for September 22nd to discuss the current schedule.  There is another meeting currently schedule for October 13th to discuss the commissions recommendations. The Public Heating on the Recommendations is currently scheduled for Nov. 10th. TLPC meetings starts at 5:30 pm, in an online video conference format.  Everyone within 400 ft. of the proposed boundary should have received notation by mail in July noting the overall review schedule for the nomination, per the City of Tacoma.   We will keep you posted of any changes to the schedule by the TLPC. We will also continue to post the addenda from the meetings under Nomination Forms and General Information tab for reference.  Additional Information can also be found on the Cities website:  Agendas and Minutes – City of Tacoma

Note, the Nomination has not changed in form from the Original National Register Nomination submitted in 2017. That nomination can be also be found under the NF & GI tab.

The local register would help protect the neighborhood from inappropriate infill projects through a design and public review process for major renovation work. The review would be conducted by the Tacoma Landmarks Commission or the City’s Landmarks Preservation Office. A local designation would allow residents a voice in any land use zoning changes within our neighborhood.

A local designation would require a design review process, but this is limited to those changes that require a Building Permit and impacts the exterior appearance of a home on the visible on the street side of the residence.  Minor changes would go before the preservation officer for the city as part of the building permit review, major changes would go before the Landmark Commission.

Last updated: Sept. 20, 2021

To keep up to date on our progress please join our Facebook Group page or send us an email at collegeparkhistoricdistrict@gmail.com, we will add you to the mailing list for future meetings, new letters and other activities on our way to becoming Tacoma’s latest National Historic District and any future efforts for listing on the local register as well.

The National register of Historic Places is the highest level of historic classification but is considered an honorary listing, it has few restriction unless you plan on putting a federal highway through your site.  Listing on the National Register has been shown to bolster the civic pride in ones neighborhood and improve a neighborhoods identity. Its doesn’t hurt monetary value of our homes in fact national it has been shown to increase property values while improving the neighborhood image.  Feel free to contact the Tacoma Preservation Officer for questions regarding a future listing on the local registry.

Stay tuned for more information.

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