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News: College Park National Historic District is looking for support in naming the district to the Tacoma Register of Historic Places – Application for inclusion of our district on list of historic places has been submitted to the City of Tacoma. (May 2021) This would be the first historic district created in Tacoma in over ten.

With a recommendation by the Tacoma Landmarks Preservation Commision, in a 5 to 1 vote on April the 13th we are on to the next step of review in the review process, this time by the Tacoma Planning Commision.  While the TLPC reviewed the history, context, form and equally important the Substantial Support for the Nomination by the residents.  The Planning Commision is tasked with a review of the nomination based on the Policies and Goals of the Tacoma Comprehensive Plan (One in Tacoma).

The next meeting of the Tacoma Planning Commission is scheduled to include their review of the testimony from Public Hearing and discussion. The meeting to review the Public Hearing comments by the Tacoma Planning Commission, previously scheduled for July 20th, has been pushed back to September by the City.  The next meeting is tentatively scheduled for Wednesday, September 7th at 5:00 PM.  A full packet of information, including the comments received can be found a week in advance of the meeting at  https://www.cityoftacoma.org/government/committees_boards_commissions/planning_commission/agendas_and_minutes

During the June 1st Public Hearing process 80% of the public comments received from residents within the district were in favor of the nomination.  69% where in favor overall from both within the district and from those living outside the district boundaries. This represents a substantial support for our nomination efforts.

Tacoma Planning Commission meetings generally start at 5:00 pm, in an online video conference format.  Audio of each meeting is posted by the city online if you missed the meeting.   If the time changes, we will try to update based on the notice received.  We will keep you posted of any changes to the schedule by the TPC and will continue to post the addenda from the meetings under City Meetings Tab, for general information and reference. 

Additional Information can also be found on the Cities website:  http://www.cityoftacoma.org/collegeparkHD

Note, the Nomination has not changed in form from the Original National Register Nomination submitted in 2017. That nomination can also be found under the NF & GI tab.

The local register would help manage and protect the neighborhood from inappropriate infill projects through a design and public review process for major renovation work. The review would be conducted by the Tacoma Landmarks Commission or the City’s Landmarks Preservation Office. A local designation would allow residents a voice in any land use zoning changes within our neighborhood.

A local designation would require a design review process, but this is generally limited to those changes that require a Building Permit and impacts the exterior appearance of a home.  Minor changes would go before the preservation officer for the city as part of the building permit review, major changes would go before the Landmark Commission. While our intent is to follow the design review requirements prepared for the Wedge district, with corrections and revisions, the document has yet to be reviewed and approved by the TLPC. 

Last updated: July 17, 2022

To keep up to date on our progress please join our Facebook Group page or send us an email at collegeparkhistoricdistrict@gmail.com, we will add you to the mailing list for future meetings, new letters and other activities on our way to becoming Tacoma’s latest National Historic District and any future efforts for listing on the local register as well.

The National register of Historic Places is the highest level of historic classification but is considered an honorary listing, it has few restrictions unless you plan on putting a federal highway through your site.  Listing on the National Register has been shown to bolster the civic pride in one’s neighborhood and improve a neighborhoods identity. It doesn’t hurt monetary value of our homes in fact national it has been shown to increase property values while improving the neighborhood image.  Feel free to contact the Tacoma Preservation Officer for questions regarding a future listing on the local registry.

Stay tuned for more information.

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